Thursday, August 9, 2012

Since you've been gone...

We just got our cable/internet hooked up at the new apt...and a little more settled in. I'm not sure how many of my shows I missed, but I am trying to catch up. So, here's what I happened while I've been away...I got my hair cut & colored. I love keeping it dark, just need to keep it up on a regular basis.
We welcomed this princess into the world.
Reece Anne has 2 excited siblings.
And that sister of hers loves to cuddle.
We finally moved and started making it home. I, of course, found this snazzy idea on pinterest.
This one too.
The other night at work, Gigi's cupcakes brought us some delicious goodies.
And duh...
Not really. I just thought this was too funny. I am excited to get back into blogging with our internet back up. I've had so many changes in the past few weeks so it is nice to be settling into a new normal. 
Life is grand. Happy Thursday.

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