Sunday, March 27, 2016

A new season.

I'm by no means an expert Christian (most days I feel like I fail God), but as I've gotten older I've taken the time each day to really get to know the relationship that I have with Him. This year for Lent I couldn't think of what I should give up. I didn't eat enough fast food to make a difference. I probably could've done something about working out, not eating pasta, laying off the internet; but the night before Ash Wednesday I picked up my phone to my app, She Reads Truth. There was a daily reading for Lent so I dove in head first. I wanted to learn why as Christians we give up something for 40 days and what that means. So often we give up something to jump start a diet or cleanse our souls from Internet addictions. That about sums up what most people are fasting from. On day 1 of my devotional I quickly learned we are doing it all wrong (if you're doing it like I've done in the past) How is not eating fast food, not drinking that one Diet Coke, not checking the latest status on Facebook getting in the way of your relationship with God? I am not singling anyone out. These are actually some of the things I've given up in the years past. In reality, not getting on social media does allow us more time to chat with God, but are we really doing that with our free time? How is losing weight benefiting our relationship with our Creator? Maybe the majority knew what this season was all about. However, I feel like we've taken full advantage of it. Not surprising though. We take advantage of a lot of things life throws our way. Our homes, our cars, our fresh air, our families. We have let everything superficial get in the way. I think if we do decide to still give up these things we should be doing it for all of the right reasons. Every time we don't drink that soft drink or forgo the yummy pasta, we should do it for God and not because we need to fit into last years jeans. Take time to thank God for even being able to afford a pair of jeans or a smart phone to click on the internet all day. Thank Him for not giving into those temptations. Let the world know that you're doing it for God, not for yourself. Let us not forget what this season is truly about. God sending his son so that he may be nailed to the cross, buried and ascended into Heaven all so that we can be free of our sins. How amazing is that? Today as I sat alone for the first time on Easter Sunday hundreds miles away from family, I wasn't too sad about it. Sure, I miss them like crazy. However, what Jesus sacrificed for us hails in comparison. Without Him dying for my sins I wouldn't get to do this journey. Tomorrow is a new beginning and I think how wonderful it is to be here one more day? So let's give God all the glory He deserves, every single day! I hope wherever you celebrated your Easter Sunday, it was wonderful. 

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