Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretty in pink Purple

  • I know, I know... I broke out my favorite coral dress again, but I just had too.
  • Today, we had a diapers and wipes shower for my sister and baby Reece.
  • This was my first party to pull together, but I had lots of great help!
  • We loaded up on everything purple, and the painting was done by a close family friend.
  • Miss Meghan and I used the cricut for all the crafts.
  • We found some great ideas online for the banners. 
  • We had delicious sweet treats and lots of good food that everyone brought.
  • Meghan and I made the cupcake toppers, but another family friend made the cupcakes. Here is her website. Everything she makes is so good, and such a reasonable price!
  • We used paper straws at my friend Anna's baby shower, so I had to get some for today!
  • She had such a good little turn out, and I am just so grateful to everyone who helped and who came. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Call Me Maybe

After working 12 hours yesterday, and delivering news no nurse should want to deliver, this girl was getting out on the town. I'm completely aware it's the field I chose and I will always love being nurse, but some things will never get easy. This past month has been a bit of a whirlwind of emotions, so last night could not have come at a better time. My brother went to the lake, so I kidnapped his sweet girlfriend and we met up with my two college roomies, another great friend and off we went to a swanky little place called Blue Monkey

Look who is rocking their new coral skinnies... This girl.

our night didn't end there, so I'll save that for another post. Also, I think we heard Call me Maybe 5 times while we were out. It is rather catchy, and I kind of love it.
top 5 most fun nights on the town.

Monday, June 18, 2012

To my Dad.

I always seem to be one day late. I am terrible at that "photoaday" on Instagram because I am always posting my days... late. Well, I don't think my Dad will be to upset, because he secretly loves making appearances on the blooog. He is my #1 reader, and I am sure my biggest fan. I am one blessed girl, and I just don't think a girl could have a better Dad. Happy Father's Day, one day late. :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

But not in a Nair kind of way.

I have never used Nair. I have super sensitive skin so can't even begin to imagine the kind of damage that would do to my already bothersome skin problems. But not nearly the damage chemotherapy does to those loved ones of ours fighting the battle. Cancer. It just isn't fair. Sure it is killing those cancer cells and ultimately healing the cancer, but does it have to take their hair too? Maybe that's just the price to pay. I can't speak for anyone in regards to this. I can't say at least it's not something else. Hair is a big deal. I complain about mine on a weekly daily basis, but I would be devastated without it. It is such a security blanket, and the thought of going without, well that should never cross our minds. I've spoken about this before. Right here. And I have said it is just hair, it should not define who we are, but it does let the world know that our battles are probably greater than theirs and it puts us in a much more vulnerable position. Not because we let it, but because everyone knows what it means, what it stands for. I can't say don't let it define you. I am grateful to have never had that weighing on my mind. But it does to millions of people every single day. It does to those closest to us. It does to one very special lady. We wish we could take those added burdens away, but we can't. However, we can pray with all we have and give it all to God, because one day it will come back just as beautiful as before. And that it will, because the battle might temporarily take our hair, but only for a moment. Most changes are scary changes. Big or small. Long or short. We just can't stop praying and we won't.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am moving AGAIN at the end of July, and I need a few new things. Well, we need a lot of things. On my time off, which is four days a week (YEAH), I am either planning my sister's baby shower, or trying to figure out what to do about this new apartment. So I spend lots of my days browsing and talking myself out of splurging on things I DO NOT NEED. So I will just go with the basics. I have this major thing for white. I'm not even the cleanest person, but I am obsessed with all things white...for the home. These plates are both from Target, and I love how clean they are. 

Not that I need a mixer, but this one is too cute, and everything doesn't have to be white. A pop of green is adorable.

OHH I love this Kate Spade silverware. It is beautiful.

We also need a couch. Pinterest has some great ideas for those, if only I could really find them.

If only the new place would let us redo the kitchen. Hmm...

And these glasses are must have. I just haven't quite talked myself into the splurge. I am still working on that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm not an Auburn fan.

but holy hottie. Zac Efron is just too cute for words. I just watched New Years Eve, and it made him that much cuter. Also, I think he would be even cuter sporting some UofA gear...just saying.

Friday, June 8, 2012

I love a good quote...clearly

I don't wish sadness upon anyone. However, it is comforting to not be alone in this blogger world. Even if I have never met 90% of my fellow blogger gals, we are never alone. It's pretty amazing.
 Happy Friday everyone! I actually have 4 whole days off starting TOMORROW. I feel like a  normal nurse again. Well, normal for me. You 9-5'ers are crazy, I need some days off every now and then. Haha.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Summer

I worked Memorial Day, but did get to spend that weekend at the lake. It was just beautiful.

And this past weekend, I went to a local brewfest with some good friends.

Summer is definitely my favorite time of year. 
It is going to be a good.

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