Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Lynn

I couldn't have ended my weekend any better. My sweet Aunt Lynn, my Dad's sister, celebrated her 70th birthday this month. Sunday afternoon we went to Jim N Nicks (An awesome barbecue place, with even more awesome cheese biscuits). She is a rock to this family, and an absolute angel. We also had my Dad's other sister and husband in town from Seattle. It was so nice to have everyone together to end such a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

I do ask that you please keep our Aunt Lynn in your prayers. This upcoming week she goes back for her check up cancer scan. If you remember, last year at this time she was just starting treatment for Adenocarcinoma of the lungs. She fought that battle head on and came out on top. Not everyone is as fortunate. We pray that the cancer stays far far away! Thank you all so much. I hope your weekend was fabulous!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Roll Tide from The Barn. >> PHOTO HEAVY

If you live anywhere near Alabama then you should know that "The Barn" is in reference to Auburn, Alabama. Auburn fans refer to Alabama fans as "Bammers," and in turn, they are considered "Barners." Some might dispute that this is not the biggest rival in college football, but down here it is the biggest and the best. Alabama football is a way of life for some (not this girl) and Iron Bowl Weekend (The Alabama vs Auburn game) is the cherry on top. Alabama won 42-14. ROLL TIDE.

This year was my first time to experience the Iron Bowl in Auburn. I went with my brother Daniel, his girlfriend Meghan, and our good friends Brett and Sarah. It was well worth the trip.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Pinday :: Thanksgiving

In honor of this past week being Thanksgiving, I give to you my most favorite day.
I did have to work but I am thankful that I am able to do what I do.
When I was younger we would always go to my grandparents (mom's side) and have a huge Thanksgiving dinner. I absolutely loved it. However, as we have gotten older we have made new traditions and I am thankful for those as well. 
- Green bean casserole is my ABSOLUTE favorite.
- I love sweets, even on Thanksgiving.
- And I could never pass up a good dinner roll.
Hope you all had the best Thanksgiving ever!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Early Thanksgiving Dinner

This past Sunday my sweet little mama had all of us over to celebrate an early Thanksgiving dinner. I have to work on Thanksgiving so it was extra special that everyone was able to come together.

My mom already has the house decorated for Christmas, with a few Thanksgiving touches, and I just loved it all. Here are the turkey place mats you color yourself. Of course, Ryleigh and I were the only ones to actually color them
She has two trees, a red and white for all of her "Bama" ornaments
and a super cute little pink and green tree too!
I love these Santa Claus decorations.
Really, I just love all things Holidays...
And these super cute place mats are courtesy of Target.

I am not really looking forward to working on Thanksgiving, but I know my patients aren't really looking forward to being there either. I am beyond thankful for my job, and I hope I can make all of those at the hospital have a very special day. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
Happy early Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tallulah and the vet

My sweet little Lu and I took a trip to her least favorite place today...the dreaded vet. But let's be real, no one really likes the doctor so I can't blame her. I noticed last week her skin was rather pink and by Friday her itching and scratching was out of control. Just check out her little eyes. Last night I found a few scabs from all of the scratching, and we were off to the vet this morning.

Since she had the scabs the vet said it was definitely a bacterial infection and would need antibiotics. All the itching was from allergies so we also have a round of MILD steroids just for that. I don't like steroids (they are pretty bad for the body) but anything to help out my little fluff. The doctor even conned me into a whole 6 mo supply of a flea/heart guard combo that cost a FORTUNE.
So 3 different types of pills later I knew the only way I was going to remember was to set multiple alarms and make nice little calendar.
My little fluff is well on her way to a speedy recovery.

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