Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I'm not sure anything I could write would do her justice. Every Wednesday we would go to the grocery store and the bank for my grandmother when I was a little girl. She taught me at an early age how to bag groceries (and you never put non food items with food, ever). We made candy every year before Christmas (although I still am terrible at stirring the fudge for the full 5 minutes or understanding a rolling boil) and she could wrap a Christmas present with only 4 pieces of tape (seriously). So many of my childhood memories have her in them, and adult ones too. She let me share her bed and twist her hair every night. She had vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup waiting too, and taco salad is always served with Doritos thanks to her (You should try it). Really, the memories are endless. Aunt Lynn was our biggest fan in all aspects of life. She even cheered for Auburn once despite her love of Alabama. She is the best aunt this girl could have and I can only hope my relationship with my nieces and nephews is just as grand. I never in one million years expected to write this, but my heart is so heavy. When she was diagnosed with cancer a little over 5 years ago she would always say that this too shall pass, and it did. She was such the fighter. She was our rock, our potato salad maker, and the only one with her head on straight. She kept our chaotic worlds so constant and so strong. This growing up thing is for the birds, but right now she would tell us that it was her time and God makes no mistakes and today He took her home (and despite how sad we are, that makes me smile, because I hear her saying it). I can not wait to see her again. Please remember our family in your thoughts and prayers. Our hearts are broken beyond words. 

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