Monday, February 15, 2016


I don't know about you but I have the app, Timehop. It's a daily reminder of what happened over the years past on that same day. Somedays replay happy memories, funny pictures, long lost friends or even trips we tried so hard to put out of our minds. 4 years ago this very week, I was jet setting off to San Diego to be with my now ex. It rained a good bit while we were there and it was a pretty good reminder that we could only make a relationship last by ourselves, 2600 miles from reality. Sometimes I like to look back at the blogs I've previously posted and every now and then I'll catch one about this relationship. It's so easy to get stuck in a world because we think there are no other options. We make excuses, blame ourselves, and really just feel like this is it. And by we, I'm just referring to myself. 4 years ago this week I thought I would be stuck in a relationship for forever. Actually we broke up soon there after and I vowed California would never be home. I remember flying home by myself and had a layover in Houston as well. I ate my birthday lunch there. If you scroll back far enough on my IG, you'll find it. Who would've ever known 4 years later I would get to call both of those places home without any sort of association with the past that put me here? Although traveling was always a dream, I never put much effort into making it a reality until last year. (That was another blog post). Actually, God had it planned all along. He knew when to step in and show out and He did just that. I love that my plans often get overshadowed because God's are so much greater. Being in a city as overpopulated as Oakland has and will continue to teach me worlds about life and how to live it. By no means am I an expert or perfect and have flaws far beyond the makeup, yoga pants and puffy vests that California lets me sport every single day. You can find those pics on IG too. Ha. I think as I approach my last year in my twenties, I can reflect on all the good. Often I like to remember bad things but it just adds more wrinkles. I get to see a new city every 3 months, knock off tons on my ever growing bucket list, work & live this crazy life in the process. My family and friends are the best support system I could have and keep me grounded every single day. I am slowly but surely learning to be a better version of who I want to be and if I continue to let God plan this fun journey, it will only get better. Cheers to 1 day shy of being 29 years old. Time flies. 

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