Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brett & Sarah

Remember way back in April, when the storms came tearing through Alabama? Well my great buddy Brett was in the what they referred to as "ground zero." In the the heart of the storm. He was the friend I spoke about riding out the storm in his bathtub with his and Sarah's two dogs. Besides Brett losing his apartment, him and Sarah also lost the home they were soon going to move into once they became married. To hear either one of them tell the story from the tragic day is truly heartbreaking, but they are unbelievably strong, and just thankful to still have one another. Their original wedding date was set to be last night, June 29, 2011, however, after everything happened they decided to have a small, intimate ceremony with only family and a few friends back in May. It was just what they needed after everything that happened. Nonetheless, they kept the date last night and used it for a fun reception for everyone else! They  introduced the bride and groom and the wedding party, then we danced the night away. I am so happy for these two, and they deserve nothing but the world. love you both.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sleep Sweetly

I splurged yesterday on this awesome quilt from Urban Outfitters. Since I am moving I wanted to treat myself to something new, so I did just that. Now to find a dresser and nightstand to go along. 
Any cool places to look???

Sunday, July 17, 2011

California Wishin...

Last Monday, Rihanna came to Birmingham for a tornado relief concert. Remember that BIG, MASSIVE tornado back in April. There are so many people that are still in the healing process, while others are still grieving. It really will be something that takes many many years to overcome. Rihanna came and Rihanna bared A LOT, however, Rihanna was pretty awesome. I must say, if it weren't for it being a benefit concert, I probably would not have gone. Nonetheless, I am glad I did, because we all had a blast. I wouldn't recommend her songs or shows for young viewers, but she really can sing.

And let's not forget she did come out towards the end in an ALABAMA jersey and even sang "Sweet Home Alabama." We take that pretty personal, and it is pretty awesome that she did that. Call us crazy, but we could never get enough of it. Roll Tide Roll. (and if you are wondering, that is said during the chorus, after every "Sweet Home Alabama.")

Like so...
"Sweet home Alabama ROLL TIDE ROLL
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama ROLL TIDE ROLL
Lord, I'm coming home to you"

So thank you Rihanna. You were pretty spectacular.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My sob story

In one of the last post I used the words, "I'm happy." Let me start by saying that I am. I am very much happy that I have finished school, no longer have to fully rely on my parents for financial help, can go to bed without worrying about passing a test, have a great family, super supportive friends, and this chapter is only beginning. Maybe, I should say I am thankful. I am more thankful than ever to be on this path. I think. Hope I didn't just shoot myself in the foot with that statement. I know each path is different, and I will follow my path just as I am told. I will do it whole heartedly, and I will trust in the Lord with all that I have. But let me just tell you that this chapter wasn't what I had written as a little bushy haired, green eyed girl growing up. Nope. We all know how I thought it played out. I will say I didn't think I would be starting this particular journey alone. Moving into a new home or apartment, just me, myself, and my most faithful companion, Tallulah. I love being a big girl, but never stopped to think I would be a big girl all by myself, and who knows how long this chapter will last. One day, one week, one year. I hope I don't sound like I am complaining. I can be big and tough and tell you that I am strong and independent and need no one to share this journey with. But that, my friends, is a big fat lie. I am not big nor tough. That lesson I learned at work just one week ago. "Lindsey, you must grow thicker skin." I guess we will never please everyone, no matter how many times we ask if there is anything else we can do, or how many more smiles we give. We just can't help those who don't want to be helped. We can however, grow thicker skin while trying to do so, because there really are mean people in this world. I am learning. I might act strong and independent, but I want more than anything to share my happiness with someone else. And I know that I will. I will also become stronger and more independent while doing so. I have learned that we cannot fight for those who will not fight back, and we must move on from the demons holding us back if we have any hope at a bright new future. Let me just tell you since I am rambling, I have a past as colorful as they come. For a very long time it held me back. Some days I am sure it still does. However, in the last few months I was able to close a chapter I never thought would close. I was forgiven for a choice that should be unforgivable, and in turn, I was able to forgive myself and move on. I don't talk much about the life right after high school, and I am not going to start. I will say that the person I was back then doesn't deserve to be where this girl is. I often battle with myself over those decisions, although I know there is no going back. But like I said, I was forgiven, and I am slowly moving on. I am happy for that. Back to that word. Happy. I am closing my eyes in search of something else to say, because today this week has been rather draining. But this path was chosen for me and I will continue along the way I am called to do. The end.

ALSO:: I decided to change the name of my blog. With new beginnings come new changes, right? I wrote a post with the same title a few weeks back, and I liked it. So there you have it. Let me know what you think. If you are wondering you can read that post RIGHT HERE!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun.

Yesterday, I met my sister, mom, niece, nephew and two other sweet friends at the mall. Of course it doesn't take much to entertain two three year old girls, so we rode the carousel and the choo choo train, and even got some bubble gum (that is what is in Ryleigh's mouth in her picture). I opted to hang with my little buddy and let him enjoy his first time on both. He loves just looking at all of the lights, and is such a ham with all of the girls around. I can't get enough of these littles. Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. A busy week starts TOMORROW!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Adventures

Everyone told me this big girl thing was overrated, and that my head was always in the clouds. Well the latter to that is usually true. I'm also sure one day the adult world might seem overwhelming and overrated, but right now, there isn't too many places in life I would rather be. Sure, I would love to be with the one I love having cute little babies, sitting on a front porch swing drinking lemonade, but I am happy. I am more thankful than ever to be on this journey, and in this exact spot. So where is life taking me? I do believe my next adventure is moving out. EEEK. I am very excited, but nervous because so much goes along with living on your on. So that journey starts today as I go apartment shopping, hoping to move out in the next few months! Wish me luck!! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Fourth, just a few days late!

Hey Yall!! I haven't been up for much blogging lately, because work has me pretty busy. Today was my LAST day of orientation. What does that mean? I am on my own starting Monday. Monday also starts my week on. Or if you aren't with the hospital lingo, that means I will be working Monday through Sunday, then have Monday through Sunday off. (7 on, 7off) I am pretty excited, and looking forward to gaining as much experience as I can! But back to the 4th. I went to the lake after work on Friday, and drove back Sunday. We had a wonderful time. Of course, some were more in the spirits than others, but we all had a blast!
 Here is our pretty view!

Ryleigh and Judson
And here is my sweet love bug and me.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

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