Wednesday, September 21, 2016


We spent our summer down SLO and it went by anything but. SLO = San Luis Obispo, the central coast of California. Believe me, we had never heard of it either. However, Californians swear by it. SLO is perched in the quaintest city surrounded by beaches, morros, wine and cow country. For those of you wondering, a morro is a "rounded hill," but after hiking one of the tallest (Bishop's Peak) it felt more like a mountain. There's 9 of them altogether that stretch all the way to Morro Bay. That's a beach, a cold and windy beach. Who knew beaches could be so cold in what we southerners call summertime? The warmest we ever saw Avila (that's pronounced AV-I-LA, not A-VEAL-A) was the high 70s. It didn't keep us from going though, although we seemed to miss the wetsuit memo. That's also another thing worth mentioning; unless you're a child with incredible body temp tolerance to the icy waters, a wet suit is a MUST HAVE. That's because people surf here and they live to surf. Too cool if you ask me. SLO is where you settle down. No one is ever in a rush, the city closes down early unless college is in session (Cal Poly) and Oprah once called San Luis Obispo the happiest city in America. I wouldn't disagree. This was the first assignment where I found a routine, felt like I was living a normal life, and then 3 months happened. As much as I wanted to extend my contract there just wasn't a need and I had to leave my favorite little city nestled in the hills of central California. 

Woodstock Pizza is one of my FAVORITE pizza places I have ever eaten and I have had pizza in Alabama, New York, Chicago and Texas. Try it if you're ever in the area. It will not disappoint. I can't say much about the other food places. Good food is in San Fransisco, not so much in SLO. It wasn't terrible but the highlights of my 3 months don't include the dinner dates to try out the local venues. Except Woodstock, of course. 

In the quick 3 months in SLO we visited a few vineyards, hiked Bishop's Peak, road tripped to LA, and beached it at Avila and Pismo.  My sister even made her first appearance in California and we had the best weekend ever, just the two of us. 

Another high note in the 3 months might have been the 25 mile trek to Walmart only to find they do indeed sell Milo's Sweet Tea. Y'all just don't know how happy that made us. 3 gallons didn't last a week. I think my new Cath lab friends appreciated it too. Whatever they were drinking before couldn't hold a candle to Milo's. Speaking of my new Cath lab friends, I'll miss you guys way more than you'll miss me. Ha. This hospital might be the smallest I've ever worked in, but everyone couldn't have been friendlier and more welcoming to this Alabama native. Thankfully everyone can rest assured knowing that toboggans are worn on your head in the winter according to us and what you're referring to is what we call sleds. We like to keep things simple. Only my Cath lab friends will understand that one. Thank you for making me laugh daily, talking college football despite hating Alabama (Roll Tide), the endless memories & always looking out for me... even up to my very last day when my contract situation became a little hazy. I hope to visit again sooner rather than later.

Next up is Las Vegas with a quick vacation back home and Hawaii in between. Just when you have everything planned out, things change. Despite my initial reaction of overwhelming anxiety, somehow this all happened just as it was supposed to. I have been traveling for a year now and I just can't believe everything we have seen and done this past year. I think it's only going to get better. 

Here's to one year down! 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

One year ago 9.4.15

One year ago I clocked out of my very first (and only) nursing job. I said goodbye to family, friends, comfort, routines and security. I clocked out on a life that kept me comfortable and safe. I left a home (that I purchased all by myself), a fenced in yard and the most comfortable bed EVER. I packed up my life and headed west (actually, that very day I hopped on a plane and headed south to Disney World)! In one year I have worked at 3 different hospitals in 3 VERY different cities. I have slept on rented beds, twin beds, and hotel beds. I have moved 5 times and flown over a dozen. I have even managed a few home visits in between. I love this gig, but of course it doesn't mean it's been easy. It's hard to describe, this traveling life. I get to see and do all of these wonderful things but  that doesn't mean life ever stops, especially back home. I miss birthdays, holidays, big moments, graduations, etc. (so I've definitely had my fair share of tears over the last year). I wouldn't trade it though. I keep saying I would never do this or never do that and each time I'm living out those moments I once thought I would never do. I often wonder what life would be like if I was still punching in that same old time clock, but it would be just that, the same. As much as I love the place I get to call home, I can't help but be so grateful for this opportunity. So until I pack away my luggage for good, I will cherish every phone call, every FaceTime and each visitor so very much. We only have a couple more weeks in what Oprah calls "the happiest city in America," and the adventures are getting better by the minute. Until next time!
I snapped this picture as I was walking out of my favorite hospital on the hill last September! 

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