Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am moving AGAIN at the end of July, and I need a few new things. Well, we need a lot of things. On my time off, which is four days a week (YEAH), I am either planning my sister's baby shower, or trying to figure out what to do about this new apartment. So I spend lots of my days browsing and talking myself out of splurging on things I DO NOT NEED. So I will just go with the basics. I have this major thing for white. I'm not even the cleanest person, but I am obsessed with all things white...for the home. These plates are both from Target, and I love how clean they are. 

Not that I need a mixer, but this one is too cute, and everything doesn't have to be white. A pop of green is adorable.

OHH I love this Kate Spade silverware. It is beautiful.

We also need a couch. Pinterest has some great ideas for those, if only I could really find them.

If only the new place would let us redo the kitchen. Hmm...

And these glasses are must have. I just haven't quite talked myself into the splurge. I am still working on that.


  1. I love the mint cabinets in that kitchen! So freaking cool. I wish we could redo some things in our apartment...but perhaps one day when we own a house :)
    Good luck getting prepared for your move!

  2. I have the dot white plates above and love them! they were a walmart find. cheap =) and also, lets get together and do a DIY thrift store find.

  3. I want that green kitchen!

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  5. We need some of the same things! Like dishes lol. But dish shopping can be fun, right? :D Hahah secondly, I have a question for you..... you have a "you might also like" widget at the bottom of your posts and I'd like to do that to mine. Is there an easy way to just add the widget or did you have to add the html code to your template? I'd appreciate the help.

    AND would you like to follow each other, doll? Let me know!

    Lady Million

  6. I really like those dishes! I love white for the house also.

  7. I love all of this, I dig your style :)

    Where are you moving? Fill me in!


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