Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Instagram in review

My sister and me...How good does she look after 3 of the most beautiful babies?
Here is number 3, all ready for gameday. RTR
Daniel & Meghan one night on the town.
I remember this night, I worked 16 hours. I needed a donut...or two.
She is just too kind talking about me like that.
My sweet little pup turns 6 next Tuesday.
I love this song, have you heard it?
No, I didn't go to beach, my Daddy did. Lucky.
I was cancelled from work. YEAH.
Look at this snuggle buddy. We could just eat her right up.
I was very happy to have my Lula girl home after her mini vacay Labor Day weekend.
                              She isn't a fan of pictures these days!                              
No, Judson doesn't have a tough life. All he ever wanted was to hold his little sister. Poor fella.
Ryleigh is a girl after my own heart, look at that pose!

Happy Wednesday, Y'all! I'm off to dinner with my new engaged friend. 

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