Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015 ended on a high and 2446 miles away from home. It's not where I thought I would be when the year began, but I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.
So here are 15 things I learned in 2015 -
1. Going without social media was well worth it, but having it now is such a blessing for face timing and keeping up with family back home! 
2. Having someone to kiss on NYE will get you nowhere if they continue to be a toad - Just Sayin'
3. Yard work will never be my niche in life, ever!
4. Owning my own home is STILL a dream come true.
5. Lunch with old high school friends was a great reminder that forgiveness is key. 
6. My family will always be the best support system this girl could have.
7. My friends, too.
8. Traveling was by far the best decision for me no matter the obstacles.
9. Life long friends come at any age, ethnicity, or city and I am so thankful for them - especially if they meet you at Esteban's in Texas. 
10. Exploring big cities and dinners by yourself are so what every 20 something girl needs in their life - so true!
11. Writing will always be my sanity!
12. Dogs need lots of medicines for boarding an aircraft - been there.
13. So do their humans (if traveling with them).
14. I may never learn to properly pack for 13 weeks
15. Living for myself FIRST might always be my biggest challenge, but I know I've sure come a long way in the last 365 days!
My mom said 2016 was the year of the monkeys, and if that's the case, I say we will have a pretty good year. Cheers to 2016 friends! 

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