Monday, August 22, 2011

Drifting Away (photo overload)

Last week was the annual family beach trip.
Last week was WONDERFUL.
The beach was beautiful, the water was perfect,
and most days were pretty uneventful.
We ate a lot of shrimp, caught a lot of rays,
and enjoyed each and every moment.
There were 13 people, which included
3 children at and under the age of 3, with 1 condo
and only 2 bathrooms. However, we survived
and I have TONS of pictures to prove it.

my nephew, Will and me
 my daddy and me at Doc's
 Meghan (my brother's gf and me)
 My brother, Daniel and me
 My newphew, Judson
 My niece, Ryleigh Bug. No her name isn't "Ryleigh Bug H----. However, if you ask, she will tell you that it is.
 My sister, Jessica and I

 Meghan, Daniel and me
 My Dad and his gf Michele
 Maybe my favorite picture of the bug.
 Daniel and Meghan
 I have tons more pictures. Actually, in all, 3 people managed to take 1799 pictures!! However, I will spare you the excitement! Hope everyone is having a great week. Also, I ask for lots of prayers for a sweet family. Please read her story here.


  1. Love your polka dot dress! What cute photos!

  2. Oh I LOVE these!! You can totally see the family resemblance between you and your brother and sister... I'm so glad you had fun!!

  3. looks like you had fun! You look tan!


  4. Yay for Summer fun! Looks like a great trip!


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