Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh my my, how Pinteresting?

Have you checked out Pinterest? It is so lovely. Go now then link up! Happy Wednesday Y'all!!


I am loving this bed.
this outfit
this quote
these braids
and this hottie!
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  1. love those braids!!!

  2. Seriously. That website is addicting. Yesterday I put Cayden down for his morning nap and figured I'd come check my emails, and you know browse some Pins for a minute. Well, a minute turned into an hour and needless to day nothing was accomplished yesterday morning!

  3. Love your quote about Life's journey. You have a great site! I am a musician who blogs about creativity. Please visit me at I would love to hear from you.

  4. happy to find your lovely blog! i am a recent pinterest addict, and i love all these gorgeous images. i've tried the braid wreath thing in the past, and i can never, no matter how hard i try, get my hair anywhere near as pretty as that model's!

  5. You know I love that bed too!! ;) And you are so welcome... I love reading your blog... you remind me of myself at your age. The way you write and how you think..... hope you have a great week!

  6. I love that your journey quote :)
    and those braids are so cute.

  7. LOVE that outfit! I now need those shorts. great! haha! Are we pinterest friends??

  8. I really really love the bed! Great finds!

  9. totally obsessed. any post featuring a picture of zac is a great post. lol. thanks love. swing by to check out my latest outfit post. xoxo


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