Friday, November 19, 2010


that is what someone near and dear told me tonight. they didn't say it because i got a bangin' new do. yes, that is right. see this curly hair of mine has two looks, short or long. with a little tapering action every now and then. im pretty boring because i am never one for change or out of the box type of things. throws me out of my comfort zone and into a tizzy, an anxious mess. im just not an on the spot, need an answer right now sort of person. unless it is clothes of course. im an impulse buyer to say the least. however, i have been known to walk around one store numerous of times with one item, have myself talked into buying one sans item, then putting it back, and running out the door. so maybe i do weigh the pros and cons, maybe i do have some sort of rationalization, sometimes. but with my hair, im a rationalizer, a keep it simple, don't stray from the ordinary, i like it like this and not like that kindof person. this doesn't mean i have wants and ideas for my curly headed mess, i just usually will not follow through with them. simple as that. however, tonight, i had a picture of a cute little do that i hoped would look fab on me. sure, i have cut my hair this length before, and sure i have a had a few tapered layers, but no where near those cute little swooshy side bangs. i pretend to have them, courtesy of a bobby pin, but really i don't. NOT ANYMORE FOLKS. i have partial side bangs. or that is a term i will use. to some not too drastic, to me a life changing moment. almost, well not really but sort of. my hair. my nappy curly mop of a hair do lay on the ground, and i have partial side bangs. what is a girl to do? okay wait just a minute. it isn't that drastic, but its a difference. its not that big of deal, but its a change that hasn't sunk in just yet. and they don't look half bad after i got my lovely straightener after them. so im okay, i will be okay, and this too shall pass. however, that strong 5 word statement was not intended for my superficial new do, it was because someone is actually losing their hair. not because of old age, or because of a new picture they saw in a magazine, or even because the scissors came finding them. but because their body can no longer withstand the demons of chemotherapy. and you know what. they are a-okay. why? because it is JUST HAIR. its not who we are, it isn't who we know, its just part of our appearance. sure, i might know this person because their do always looks fab and since i have known them it has never been less than superb. not to mention, they do hair for a living. so of course one of the things i always think about when they come to mind is their hair, so to know that it is slowly coming out is a big change. is that weird? is that crazy? or odd? or too superficial? i hope not, because it is just how i know them, and to see them in a different light because they are suffering, well it is sad. it is rather heartbreaking. although they weren't much concerned with the hair coming out with each slight movement of fingers through it, i could feel the concern. i could see the sadness. maybe because everyone knows what that means. everyone knows that something is wrong. and everyone assumes the worse. but it is just hair. how can something so superficial mean something so big. because it is a change that means something far deeper than just seeing someone without their usual do. it is a change that the whole world knows. and it is a change that im not ready face. another selfish moment. because this isn't my battle to fight. i can only encourage, be there, and know that someone far greater than me is IN CONTROL. no matter the outcome.  whoa, i think i am rambling. i just felt so very selfish for being so taken aback by my new do, that i didn't even take the time to think that some people would be praising the Lord for it. and this too shall pass had nothing to do with the hair, but everything to do with overcoming this mountain as a family. and we will, because this too shall pass.

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  1. Very beautifully written.

    ...and YES...someone far greater IS in control. My all-time favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11.

    "'For I know the plans I have for you', declares the Lord. 'Plans for good and not for evil. To give you a future and a hope'".

    In Him, there IS hope beyond just this life.

    Have a blessed day as we all count our blessings. :)


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