Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brett & Sarah

Remember way back in April, when the storms came tearing through Alabama? Well my great buddy Brett was in the what they referred to as "ground zero." In the the heart of the storm. He was the friend I spoke about riding out the storm in his bathtub with his and Sarah's two dogs. Besides Brett losing his apartment, him and Sarah also lost the home they were soon going to move into once they became married. To hear either one of them tell the story from the tragic day is truly heartbreaking, but they are unbelievably strong, and just thankful to still have one another. Their original wedding date was set to be last night, June 29, 2011, however, after everything happened they decided to have a small, intimate ceremony with only family and a few friends back in May. It was just what they needed after everything that happened. Nonetheless, they kept the date last night and used it for a fun reception for everyone else! They  introduced the bride and groom and the wedding party, then we danced the night away. I am so happy for these two, and they deserve nothing but the world. love you both.


  1. How fun!! If these two got through all that they can get through anything :)

  2. Glad to see a happy time for a couple that endured a true tragedy. As an Alabamian, I really feel for them. Thank goodness that they escaped the tornadoes safely!


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