Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where were you?

6 months ago today do you remember where you were? 6 months ago today I was sitting in class. I was huffing and puffing that I had another test to take. Didn't they know we had bad weather coming our way? No one knew what was really about to come. No one would have ever guessed it to be this bad. 6 months ago today I was standing in front of a tv watching Tuscaloosa, AL being ripped up from its core. I watched helplessly as the town I love vanish in minutes. 6 months ago today I crowded into a basement with my sister and brother in law's family at their home in Concord, AL. I selfishly thought that it would never come that close to us and like every other time, everything would be just fine. Little did I know the rubble that lay in that front yard was not from Tuscaloosa.
It was from the street that used to stand in that little town of Concord, AL.
Everything was gone.
Everything had vanished.
6 months ago today I walked those streets with my brother in law.
It was a war zone that I will never forget.

 These are actual pictures from that tornado in Concord. It doesn't do it any justice, this was the road leading to my BIL and sister's house. They live next to his parents, where we stayed during the storm. Most every house on this street had damage. This just shows you that the roads were blocked for quite some time because every power line and tree were down.

 This was another part of Concord. It was pretty devastating.

Remember Brett and Sarah? I have talked about them a few times. Long story short, Brett was in his apartment when the tornado hit. He was actually in one of the most hard hitting areas. He survived by the grace of God and his bathtub. Sarah wasn't with him. However, they lost his apartment and the house they were moving into after they were to get married. I blogged a few months ago about their wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL. They deserve the world. After the tornado hit, they did an article on some of the brides who lost things in the tornado. Here is a little clip from their story. Underneath their picture is a little blurry. It says that they lost everything,  and they only went back to search for a few things, one of those being their wedding bands. They were found.

Please continue to pray for all of those affected by the devastating tornadoes. They still are in desperate need our continuing thoughts. 

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