Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We often pray for miracles, for God to perform these tasks that we humans are incapable of performing. We pray that His hands do the impossible. Because with Him, all things are possible. We wish for peace on earth, hunger to end, and for there to be a cure for cancer. These are wishes my God has granted for years and years. He has performed these miracles, and He will continue to do many more. However, it is also seen all too often that God's plans are greater than ours and His miracles are far better. We may not see a wife losing her life to cancer as a miracle, but I do think God sees it as one. He has just gained the most beautiful angel and she is no longer fighting the demon that is cancer. In His eyes, she won the battle. Just maybe not as we down here would like to believe. I guess that is just the selfishness in us all. In God's eyes He granted what we all prayed for. He took her cancer away and He set her free. It may take some many years to see it in such a way that God intends us to see it, but I am certain He will never leave our side as those struggle to find the answers. Cancer is an ugly battle and I can only hope and pray that one day there is a cure. God's miracles are never ending. Please keep the Davis family in your thoughts and prayers as they now begin a different journey. May God wrap His arms around them all.


  1. That was beautifully written. It really touched my heart. Your insight into an awful situation is amazing.


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