Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We went bowling

This past weekend a few friends and I went bowling. Back in the beginning days of college, I was in a bowling league. It was called, The Lousy Bowler League. Every Monday night we bowled three games against another team. I am pretty sure my team's handicap was the highest (we weren't very good bowlers) and we ended up winning. Ha. I must say I love bowling, and I think I did pretty good this past weekend. Just see for yourself.


  1. My husband and I use to go bowling when we first started dating! Bowling is so underrated! It is so much fun


  2. CUTE photos! I just love bowling, but never get around to doing it...

    megs [at] Shine On

  3. Funny thing is when I looked at the pics I thought "so many balls..." and then giggled because I'm that mature. We had fun, let's do it again soon!!

  4. Nice game! I LOVE bowling. My sister bought me my first, very own, bowling ball for my birthday a couple years ago :) Don't bowl as much as I want to though. Both my parents have been in leagues forever. My dad is awesome at teaching ;) Too fun!

  5. I love your shirt! And bowling shoes of course ;)

  6. How fun! That bowling league sounds awesome!
    I haven't been bowling in forever. I need to fix that!


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