Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's at Prado

I'll be honest... I don't really care that much for Valentine's day. I think it is a bit overrated. Shouldn't we show the people we love how much we love them, EVERY SINGLE DAY? Why of course we should. But, in San Diego I did have a very lovely Valentine's day. Everyday was fun, and we had some wonderful food. You've seen the first two pictures but I'll show you just one more time.
We ate at Prado
in Balboa Park... How pretty was this?
I started the night with a pomegranate margarita. Very tasty.
I wasn't a fan of the starter, therefore I won't put the picture up. haha. I am sure it was good, just not for this picky eater. But here was my entree. Steak, garlic pureed potatoes, and green beans...DELICIOUS.
and my chocolate mousse bar for dessert. YUMMY. I could have eaten this all night.
I would definitely recommend Prado for all of those visiting the San Diego area. 
Hope your weekend was fabulous!!

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