Thursday, March 20, 2014

Loving the brokenhearted

It's so easy to knock people when they're down. We kick them while it hurts, and all too often we just aren't aware of their inner battles. I'm sure I've written about this before. But it's a new day, a new time and I'm just not sure my role in any of it. Like I said, it is easy to complain or nag but it's not for us to judge. We are here to love and encourage. Maybe even steer a little, whatever the case may be. Everyone has made mistakes & everyone has their moments when they're stuck. I've been stuck many of times. I've blogged about the majority of them. Nursing school, moving, relationships, friendships, everything.  Then once in a blue moon we are on the other side of that rut. How we handle these things isn't how everyone else handles things, what we do just isn't made for anyone. I'm a crier. Sometimes retail therapy works, writing, and lots of alone time does the trick. Some things we will never rid ourselves of because of our decisions. Those consequences, well they like to follow us around. It's how we deal with them that makes us the people we become. This time it's not about me. Loving the brokenhearted isn't easy, but in the end it's the best option we have. They may push and they may pull but I think that's when they need us more than ever. We might not have the right words to say or ideas to help them heal, but we have love. We know we can pull them in tight, literally or figuratively, and we can pray that whatever happens will be the best for them. We can love them wholeheartedly. We can expect nothing in return, only that their heart is healed. Sometimes I can be a bit selfish, but this isn't about my needs or my wants. It's about those we love the most.

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