Monday, March 10, 2014

So Long Alabama

My best friend is leaving me. Really, he is just moving a few states to the west but it feels like they're moving across the world. In 2 short weeks, they're packing up and starting a brand new journey as husband and wife, not in Alabama. Most of it hasn't sunk in. We aren't in denial, we just aren't wishing our days away. See, both the bride and groom are super close with their families. That groom is my brother & we talk daily. All of us are annoyingly close. Most just don't understand. We talk to our parents daily & siblings constantly. It's just who we are. Bride and groom alike. To say they'll be missed is an understatement. To say I haven't shed many tears would be a lie. Their wedding was one for the record books. They are both loved beyond words and are two of the most gracious people you'd ever meet. They give, they listen & they love... wholeheartedly & do so with open minds and hearts, never expecting anything in return. My brother is one of my best friends. We fight, only when he uses forks on my non stick pans & we always confide in one another over life's greatest challenges. The ease of lunch & dinner dates will now be FaceTime & texts dates but I know their move is one of the greatest & happiest decisions they've made thus far. My going to be missing them is purely selfishness, because deep down we all couldn't be happier for their new journey. God is leading them on a brand new adventure that few ever try. They are starting their future on a clean slate in a brand new city paving their own path. So, while my tears might be of sadness, my heart couldn't be happier for my new sister in law and brother. Their future is looking brighter than ever.

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