Sunday, May 22, 2011

In a snap...

It's all gone. It's over. Done. Finished.

And I'm not referring to the tornadoes. This story I hope isn't as tragic, although somedays sure feels like it. It isn't that storybook ending I wrote a long time ago. Sometimes it's a comedy with me as the joke. Sometimes a war story, that so far has always ended with a casualty, and it's even felt like a horror story, because I'm terrified of what could be lurking behind that door.
See, I am working on closing this chapter. A super long one. I love reading. Hate long chapters. Even worse, a terrible ending. I'm the one who reads the last few pages to make sure I'm going to like the ending. I have to know the story will end how I feel it should end. My story has not. Maybe because it isn't the end. Maybe or hopefully I still have many more chapters to write.
This last chapter was pretty bittersweet.
Sweet because I'm a nursing school graduate, temporary licensed registered nurse, and received something that I worked so incredibly hard for. It was sweet because I met many great friends along the way, went on many of awesome vacays, and made memories I will have forever. And let's not forget I became an aunt three times throughout this chapter as well.
But I can't help this bitter feeling either. I never planned on losing friends, or for relationships to end the way they did. I never in a million years thought i would have made some of the decisions that were made. I had always hoped I would close the chapter fairly close to the way it began. Well, maybe not that close. I dreamed a different dream, and it never came true. Not to mention, the tornadoes that pretty much snapped it all away for us. So sure, this journey was a whirlwind. Literally. It still is. And now I have two weeks before I take the big N-CLEX. Hopefully, I will really end this chapter with a happily ever after.

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