Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nursing Nonsense :: Week Seventeen

It hasn't sunk in just yet.
Maybe because I still feel like I'm waiting on that email that says, "just kidding."
Or maybe it's because this past week has been anything but normal.
No, normal isn't a word I would use to describe everything that has happened in a few short days.
Maybe it hasn't sunk in because the greatest terror of them all was killed just the other night. That is just another twist in this story Im still writing.
Maybe it's because one of the greatest tragedies occurred right here. Not right here, but in the towns I have always called home. People are still searching, still wondering, and still pinching themselves hoping to wake up from this nightmare.
So, no it hasn't sunk in. This week has been a little off.
What hasn't sunk in?
That because of this HORRIBLE tragedy our graduation was cancelled. Our finals DONE. We haven't even taken them yet. Done, finished, end of story.
Say what?
I am a nursing graduate?
Yes, you could still take the final if your average grade wasn't passing, but mine was. I was, I am exempt from the final.
I mean I've only been working towards this year for years.
And in a flash, my second hometown is in despair, and yet I stand here a graduate.
I'm happy. I'm ecstatic. But I would also give it all back to rewind last Wednesday. I can't. Believe me.

So I will be happy.
I will be FREAKING thrilled.
It will just take a few more days.
It is still sinking in.

Holy Moly.
And since we will not be having a graduation ceremony, I figured I could re-post this picture of me in my cap & gown. 
PLEASE, PLEASE continue to pray for all of those affected by the tornado. They need it more than ever.


  1. Congrats Linds!!! I am proud of you & I know how hard you have worked. It is ok to celebrate admist the devastation, but you are normal for not wanting to because it's so dreamish-like/nightmare-ish with everything else going on. I just want you to know that God has a special plan for you & I can't wait to see what is in store! Love you lots real-life bloggy friend!

  2. Congrats girlie! you did it!!!!!

    Will be praying for those affected by the storm and their families!!!!!!

  3. I'm still praying for you all!!

    Congratulations Lindsay.... HUGE life moment for you!! That's awesome!!


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