Friday, September 16, 2011

last weekend fun

Last weekend my niece, Ryleigh, was playing on her softball tee. Yes, big red bow, the "flower dress Sissy bought her," shiny shoes and all. You would think with some of our sporty genes that some of us had a little more athleticism, so we will just keep our fingers crossed Miss Priss doesn't take after her Sissy.

 But looking at this picture, we aren't looking good. Eyes closed while swinging the bat is pretty similar to my hitting skills growing up. However, I did have some pretty good fielding skills. Ha.
 But hey, she got it on the next try.
 And totally looks cute doing it.
 And with all of these pictures of my niece and nephew (It was Will's birthday yesterday), I can't forget this buddy. This picture was taken at the beach. The baby blues take my breath away too. I'm sure he will be a heart breaker.
Happy Friday everyone! 

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