Thursday, September 8, 2011


this is how i feel. minus the pen and paper, of course. i would say most work weeks are pretty draining, so it wouldn't be anything new. luckily, for the most part, i do love being a nurse. i haven't spoken much about working since i started. i thought this life would settle down, but it is still pretty crazy. i'm not complaining though. i have tons of options within nursing, so i know i have plenty of opportunities if ever the time comes when i need a change. so far the good has most definitely outweighed the bad. the thank yous, the compliments, and the unspoken moments have far out shined the skipped lunches (because time would not permit), the days without sitting, and the hundreds of times a day I hear my name being called. Yes, I promise you, the goods do outweigh these not so fun days at work. i asked a co worker today if she was having a good day, and she said something to the effect of, of course, because every day is a blessed day. i don't know what she takes in the morning, but i would like some of that. we continued talking, and she said there is no sense in worrying about what we can't change, because it can't be changed. She said just push it to the side and let it go. hearing that was definitely what this girl needed today. i think i need to remind myself that all day everyday. i will work on this. how is your week going? happy thursday everyone!

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