Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Nurse Week!

This week is Nurse's week.
 I recently just started my new job in the CICU. I will say I ALMOST miss the chaotic, craziness of it all and the little bonds I had with so many of my patients. Being in a critical care unit is a different type of crazy and most of the patients aren't too with it to connect with. I know it has only been a little over a week and I will regret saying anything about it not being hectic. I am sure I will see that very soon. I am still so excited and know that the learning experience will be so worth it! Anywho, 
happy nurse week to all my fellow nurses!

Truth #1...
Truth #2... one day I am sure I will have some sort of problem all related back to this.
Truth #3... You just don't think about these things in nursing school, but seriously it happens.
Truth #4. I hear the call light in my dreams. The inventor obviously never stepped foot in a hospital.
Truth #5...

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