Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh, Saturday.

So I have been saying I have two tests & two finals. Well, that is a big fat LIE. I was looking the other day, and I have ONE test (this Wednesday) then just 2 finals !! That is pretty great news if you are wondering. 
Also, I have some other pretty awesome news, but it isn't signed on the dotted line JUST YET, so I will wait to share.
For now, I am off to enjoy my favorite day!  
Happy Saturday!!


  1. love that last photo/ definitely hits home right now.

  2. Girl, i think i already know what you speak of right?! I'm SOOOO excited and happy for you! I too love that last quote! Where do you find this inspirational wonderful stuff?!

    Happy Saturday, 1 down , 3 to go YES we got this! :)


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