Monday, April 18, 2011

Whomp Whomp Whomp

So, if you follow me on twitter then you know that my beloved iPhone fell into a cup of dr.pepper while I was driving. Rice didn't work, and the poor little guy did not make it out alive. I think it was tired of me talking about him. Luckily, my Dad has an old iphone that he graciously let me borrow, so I was only away for a day or so. I realized just how convenient simple this phone has made my life, and I desperately missed it. Sad, I know. Well, I guess my computer monitor decided it was time to go too. Friday night I noticed the screen was blinking on and off, and it hasn't worked since. I'm thinking it's just the monitor, so I hope nothing was lost. This computer was my first big purchase after I graduated high school. I saved up all summer so I could have it for college. It was a sad day when it wouldn't turn on. But since technology is a little less complicated these days, I can still blog via my BLOGPRESS app. Phew! Looks like I have something else to save up for once I have my big girl nursing job.



You will be greatly missed!

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  1. Well that's no good!! Don't you hate when stuff like that happens?!


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