Wednesday, December 15, 2010

coming TOGETHER.

Have I mentioned how much I love christmas time. And although I do not, will not jinx myself about school, this might just be my very last christmas break. Because as a working girl, it just doesn't happen, unless you ARE NOT a nurse. So I will enjoy this one even more, and savor each and everyday. I will make candy with my aunt, cousins, and niece. We will make FIFTEEN pounds of fudge.

and candy
like this.
with great big help from
from ryleigh (who refused to look) and andrew & carly.
Although I do not like what had to bring us together, I do like that we could come together and help my aunt get it finished. I just can't believe she used to do this all by herself. 
So I am going to go back to enjoying this break. 
Tell someone you love them.


  1. oh my goodness my eyes popped out of my head when i saw those yummy peanut butter cookies with the reeses! why didnt i think of that? it's genius! i found ya through amy's blog :)


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