Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a semi-long BLOG about Christmas.

Well I think I speak for most when I say I have been rather busy this past couple of weeks. I don't even know where to begin. I know that it feels lovely not toting around 25 lb books everywhere I go, and I know I still have 2 whole weeks of NO SCHOOL. I am also MORE THAN THANKFUL to be starting the 5th semester. For now though, I am okay being a bum. I'll break down my week just for you.

Thursday (Christmas Eve Eve) - I kept the niece, and that night we went to my aunt's for a little family time. Her 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 2 nieces (1 niece in law), 2 nephews (1 nephew in law), 1 great niece, and 1 great nephew all came together. And a few other loved ones as well!!

from left to right. Baby Will, Melissa, Bill, Michele, Dad, Me, Ryleigh, Jeromy, Jessica, Daniel.
from left to right: Ashleigh Andrew (Tonya & Scott), Krista and Keith (Holly), Connor, Carly, Carter (Ben & Tammy), and the sweet little lady in blue is my Aunt Lynn (my dad's sister) These are her children and grandchildren.

Also that night, we gave everyone prayer bracelets. Remember the blog, This too Shall Pass? Well, my sister had a wonderful idea to make bracelets to give to the family, and that is exactly what we did. I wrote a little poem to attatch, put them in some snazzy little bags, and everyone got a special little surprise.Tears included.
it reads: This too shall pass. and on the other side: Team Mimi
We will climb this mountain
And hold our heads high
We will push through this together
Together we will fight
The battle may be tough
And the outcome unknown
But we will make this journey
And you wont do it alone
We will laugh until we cry
And make every moment last
We will never give up
Because This too shall pass...

Friday(Christmas Eve) - I went to Kyle's parents for his Mom's side Christmas festivities. We a had a great dinner, and then got to open lots of presents. They open presents one at a time (from youngest to oldest this year), it is a lot of fun! I am very thankful to be a part of it all. Here is quite a few snapshots from the night!! 
 His meemaw has the coolest ornaments! These are caurosel ornaments. They play music, and go up and down, just like the real thing!
 Kyle, me, Stella, and Tallulah. sorry. we had to have a picture by everything. my idea, of course.

 this is wilbur, the snowman.
 Lori (cousin), Mrs.Sheila(his mom), Meemaw (mom's mom), Mike(uncle), Mr.Billy (his dad),Teresa (mom's sister/aunt), Kyle, Luke (cousin),Scott (brother), and Landon (lori's husband).

my Tallulah, and his mom's little Berkley. 

Saturday (Christmas Day) - I started the day out at my Mom's. We had a very yummy breakfast, then opened our presents from Santa. Jessica, Jeromy, and Ryleigh came over. It is always so much fun to see little ones open gifts. She wanted scissors from Santa. Santa must have forgotten, but her Honey (that is what she calls my mom sure didn't), so of course she was fine from then on. However, she did manage to open her presents, as long as she could cut the paper off with her scissors! Too funny. It is the little things. Also, my mom should probably go into the stocking making business. Mine, my sister and brother's were all made by a cousin when we were babies. My mom made the others!!

 check out that cutting action.

 us with our mama.
 the pop up tent popped me in the face. seriously. pretty funny.

for lunch we go see our daddy. we are all STUFFED. 
I don't have pictures from then, but here is a sweet little picture of my dad and me. 
I hope everyone had a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS!  

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