Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If it were only so simple...

as a sweet little blue eyed asking for santa to bring her some scissors for christmas. Or if it were only so simple as that same little girl saying the her little brother will be named merry christmas. If life were only as simple as the sweet little moments that cost absolutely nothing, and mean the world to so many people. Because at one point in our lives, we were really that simple. I guess we call it the little things. Then one day life got got complicated. We started receiving bills in the mail, had people rely on us, and realized that there are actually bad people in this complicated little world. If it were only as simple as it used to be.

If it were only as simple as the doctor saying we will get this figured out, If it were only so simple, I guess we would then know how to make radiation not so hard on someone so precious. If it were only so simple, maybe they would actually get this figured out. For now, we will stick with continuous feeding through a PEG and hope that some nutrients are actually being absorbed. We will continue to push fluids through a port that is intended for the chemotherapy still left to be finished. For now, we will hope that the answers are oh so simple.  If life were so simple, we could all just ask for scissors from santa, instead of being healed from a nasty cancer. We could ask for scissors instead of being free of pain. We could ask for scissors instead of throwing up after every single meal. But life just isn't that simple anymore, we take the little moments for granted, and forget to remember what matters the absolute most. We want when we don't need, we frown when we aren't sad, and we lose the simplicity in the most UNcomplicated of life's unexpected journeys. today i ask for prayers for my sweet, precious aunt, and hope that the doctors really do get it all figured out. ***While we forget the simplicity in being able to drive through a fast food restaurant and take a big honking bite of a chik-fil-a sandwich, someone else can't even swallow like they used to be able too. all they want for christmas is to be able to eat normally again. that is pretty simple. pretty priceless. let's keep it simple.


  1. I prayed for her!! love you lindsey

  2. thank you kate! she is doing worlds better as of yesterday!!! LOVE YOU TOO!!


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