Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DAY 12.

Today after hitting the snooze 6 times (its only set on 5 minute intervals), I will get up, and check my phone 100x, but see that I really do have to go to work, although I still do not feel very good. I will stop and get one hot chocolate with WHOLE milk, and scurry into work. I will be bombarded, but notice that the day is flying by. I will even receive this from one of my sweet little supporter of the troops patients. I will gladly and proudly wear it in honor of our service men and women.
I will leave work promptly @ 3pm and head to feed my family member who was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. They had a peg tube placed today because regular feedings became nearly impossible. I will talk with them, and they will tell me not to come if I am too tired. But I think, sure I feel AWFULLY congested (but not contagious because no fever), but how could I be more tired than someone going to radiation everyday and chemo once a week for 7 weeks, with 5 weeks to go. I will gladly go assist them, because I'm not too tired to do something so very simple, yet important. I will be very grateful for this family member, because selfish me would love to curl up in my warm flannel snowman sheets
and snooze after dosing up on mucinex, but their struggles are far greater. 
And I will think, today is NOT about me.
I will go home and begin reading chapter 36. Its the one about DYSrhythmias. I will be confused and read each section multiple times. I will draw pictures of each abnormal rhythm, and I will study. I will study so very hard because I know I only have 12 days left. That is less than 2 weeks. But still, it is 12 long days before I can say goodbye to this semester. 
But I know, no matter what, I will be just fine.

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  1. Lindsey you are the awesomest!
    Thanks for entering and Good luck!!
    p.s. I love that your work badge is so festive.
    Amylou <3


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