Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nursing Nonsense :: Week Eleven

Week eleven was a little tough to get into. Coming back from spring break is always a task, right? You have a whole lot of days of nothing, then you get 2 hours of a lecture about head traumas. It was a lot to soak in to say the least. However, the week is almost over so I can't complain. I have ONE clinical day to go, and we are in the final stretch of school. A long stretch, but the final one for sure. Today, I had that really snazzy interview I have chatted about. You know, we have 8 questions, and a webcam. We didn't interview with another human being, we chatted with a webcam. We did get to watch our interview back, and redo questions if we wanted. I realized I answered the questions like a beauty queen, and smiled at the end of each answer. It was pretty funny to say the least. You definitely do get to see your body language and what not during the interview, so that was pretty helpful. Other than that, just glad to have something else completed. One step closer people!!!!

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  1. I think that the interview thing is so awesome! I wish my school would try that. And I agree week 11 was a little tough (funny how were in the same weeks) and I have one clinical day tomorrow also then its the weekend!



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