Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Baby Update

Judson is still in the NICU, his breathing is not nearly as fast but it is still too fast for a newborn. He is eating well, and all of his tests have came back great, but he still needs a little more time to get the fluid off of his lungs. His mommy and daddy are coming home today but not too far from him. Just say a little prayer for them because today will probably be a little tough. No one wants to leave their baby at the hospital, but God has this all under control. Judson is in great hands!

This bottom picture is Ryleigh on the left when she was still a newborn, and Judson is on the right.


  1. continuing to pray for sweet little Judson for speedy recovery and for his parents!

  2. I will keep them in my thoughts today!

  3. praying for little Judson (such a cute name) and I hope you get your spring break wish & that he is home soon.


  4. Such a sweet, sweet baby. I will be praying for Judson and his family in the hopes that his parents have him home very soon! xo


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