Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nursing Nonsense:: Week Ten

Hello and so long to week ten! This week has been rather exhausting, fun, anxiety-filled, and PRAISE worthy. Thank you all so so much for your sweet comments about our new little fella. He is doing much better, although we did have a minor set back on Thursday. However, it was not nearly what the doctors thought and baby Judson is doing so much better. My sister and brother in law have gotten to hold him twice now, and I know they are so thankful for that. He has so many wonderful people looking over him, praying for him, caring for him, and it is awesome to see all of it truly working. The NICU is very aware of NOT GIVING TIME FRAMES, which is okay in the long run, so we really do not know when he will be home. I know God is teaching us all patience because although Judson was ready to get here, he just isn't quite ready to go home. So we will wait. The days will go by very slow, I will tell everyone to give him a kiss from me (because I can't go back there), and I will continue to pray for his healing. Thank you all again so much.

on the flip side::
There was A LOT of nursing in week ten, but none of it really had to do with me in nursing school. Besides welcoming a new nephew, my week was spent playing with my favorite two year old who is a new big sister, catching up on some much needed sleep, hanging out with great friends, and enjoying what could be my last spring break, AND watching all of my favorite shows of course. I was so very happy my faves were safe on American Idol, Emily won the Bachelor, and a new season of one of my favorite shows airs in April! eeeeeekkk.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!
Happy Week TEN!!

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  1. I'm so happy that your sister and brother in law got to hold Judson, if only for a short while. All of this waiting will ensure that he gets the best care and it will make his homecoming even more special. I'm sure your niece loved spending time with you!


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