Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heart Therapy: I am

I have linked up with Ashley before for Heart Therapy. It is the weekly blog therapy. 
This week we are making an I am list...

I AM...
a good aunt
a hard worker
a good listener

I think it is easier to make a list that might start with, I am not
Although I am normally rather sarcastic, making these types of lists are hard without feeling super narcissistic. Nonetheless, I think it is definitely good for the soul to pat yourself on the back every now and then. 

On the flip side, this week at work and outside have been rather draining. Hello, debbie downer. But no seriously, you would have thought yesterday was Friday the 13th at work. Nope, it was just a Tuesday. I will tell you that I walked out of that hospital a stronger person for what we all endured. 

Also there are some unspoken prayer requests that have been heavy on my heart. I just can't imagine going into the holiday wondering not how they are going to buy presents, but how they might buy groceries. Please keep all of those who aren't quite as fortunate in your thoughts and prayers. 

The weekend is fastly approaching, eeek.

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