Sunday, December 4, 2011

Now What

I decided to go back to my original title. L is for Lindsey. I will say that I love all of Ashley's blogs and I was so happy she was able to design one for me. I would recommend her to everyone. However, I really wanted to go back to the original. I loved The Girl in Blue, but I am not just a nurse, and I wanted to just be Lindsey again. This time around Lula made my blog and I love it just as much! She also does wonderful blogs so check them both out for your next blog make over!
So now what?
When I was getting ready to graduate from nursing school, I felt like this whole life thing would magically fall into place. It must be that dreamer in me. I love nursing. I have said that too many times to count. But I would be lying if I said I love my job. It is overwhelming, stressful, non stop, and only somewhat of what I expected. When we did clinicals in nursing school we only got a fourth of the actual effect of everything that we would encounter. Then in less than 6 weeks we were on our own. A brand new world handed to us in a single motion. We were thrown into a pack of hungry wolves and they were waiting for us to fail. I will not fail. Well, that isn't true. I can fail. I am sure I have. So sure my job is overwhelming and all of those other things, but I have learned a great deal. I have learned to be tough, and to not be such a push over. I have learned that I have much more patience than I ever realized, and I have learned that I still wear my emotions on my navy blue scrub sleeves. I have learned that I chose the absolute greatest profession to be my career and I have learned that I have endless opportunities. 
But I'm stuck.
 I think I am so anxiously awaiting what WILL happen that I can hardly enjoy what is happening NOW.  So now what? I will once again put all of the day dreams to the side and live this life in the moment. Or I will at least do my very best. I am more than grateful for everything that has happened this year. A year that is ALMOST over! Next year will be even better, for now, I will live for today.


  1. it is always good to try and live for today and not the future! i love the new look! :)

  2. I can only imagine how overwhelming nursing is. But I am sure you do great, even if you don't always realize it!


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