Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tis The Season

I guess I haven't mentioned much about my new place, we moved in at the end of September. I share a cute little apartment with a great new friend. She moved from a house and has TONS of Christmas stuff... Luckily. She drives a mid-size SUV and the entire back with the seats down was FULL of decorations! 
(I took this picture from the front seat)
 We still haven't decorated much, but we did manage to decorate for Christmas. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
 I mean, I LOVE our tree
 And this sweet little snowman platter
 And wrapping presents
And this Krispy Creme sign that really lights up
And this toy phone that everyone probably had as a baby
And this reindeer
 And this green bow
 And the extra swirls and sparkles up top. It couldn't be better.
Well maybe it could.
So I end the night with a little hot chocolate with colored marshmallows.

Have you all started decorating for Christmas yet?
I can't wait to see.


  1. I love your blog name and the header is super cute and smart!!


  2. p.s. the tree looks great. i love the old telephone.. mmmm hot chocolate!


  3. Okay I NEEEED that telephone ornament! So cute! I love your blog, thanks for following. I'm sure to follow you back :)

  4. I love, love the tall narrow Christmas tree! That would have worked perfectly in our tiny place :-)

  5. SO fun! Love your decor. And I love your blog design! I must have missed it when you changed it!



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