Saturday, October 9, 2010


day two. [ 9 things about me ]

9. Odd numbers make me feel OFF balance
8. I'm a little goofy at times, and have a few little quirks
7. I'm super shy around a crowd of new people
6. I eat and write with my left hand, but almost everything else I do is right dominant.
5. I hit the snooze at least 3x every morning, and love my sleep
4. Car washes freak me out, the way your car shakes and moves. I always feel like someone is going to jump out at me.
3. I want a big family with a lot of kids and a lot of dogs.
2. I'm in dyer need of a turquoise over the shoulder purse... any suggestions?
1. I don't like long sleeves. Once you push them up around you forearm, they are done-zo, and too stretched out to wear for the rest day. And I just don't like that.

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