Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fill in the blank friday Saturday

brought to you by lauren 

My Halloween plans this year will include    hanging out with my friends. We carved pumpkins last night!!

2.  My most memorable Halloween costume was  when I was living in Tuscaloosa, I was Minnie Mouse, really it was just my FAVORITE!!!

3.  For Halloween this year I'm going to be       probably a Teen Mom, from the show Teen Mom...Farrah! 

4.  I've always wanted to dress up as   Cinderella, but I can't ever find one that isn't skank-ta-fied.

5.  Halloween free association!     I LOVE CANDYCORN!!

6.  The worst thing about Halloween is    the weather, it is always so cold.

7.  The best thing about Halloween is      dressing up, and the candy of course! But I love dressing up and playing a character!!

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  1. i am laughing out loud about you being farrah...haha



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