Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DAY 13.

Today I will wake up thinking I'm in a horrible dream, because it is just 0430, and have to quickly remind myself to get up and get moving, to make it to the hospital by 0630. However, I will hit the snooze just a few more times. The drive will be horrible, because the weather is frightening, and tornadoes are lingering throughout the cities. But I make it. I get my very last clinicals over with for this semester, and I will be thankful, although, the killer allergies are only getting worse. I will leave clinicals, and make it to my car partially NOT DRY thanks to some more rain.

However, I will still be thankful, because
no more clinicals until the next and FINAL semester.
I will go home, crack open chapter 34. Its the one about Coronary Artery Disease and Myocardial Infarctions, and I will diligently read, make note cards, answer every study guide question, and absorb, until I go to bed. Of course, I will eat sometime, and maybe even watch Glee. Then I will go to bed, and 
cross my fingers that there aren't enough sick people 
who need me at work in the morning
But we all know it is still 13 whole days
until the end of this semester. 
And I remind myself, I CAN do this.

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  1. uggg..so much work...but you can do it!!



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