Friday, February 18, 2011

A blog about my birthday.

my birthday was on Wednesday, but I am just now getting around to blogging about the big day. I am very sorry for the delay, but it has been a rather busy week. I started the day off in school, whomp whomp whomp. It really wasn't that bad, and I was out by lunch. Just in time to pick up the niece from school, and head to the park. IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY, and I can't wait until spring is finally here to stay.

Ryleigh, my niece, took this picture of me. Yes, she is only 2, but she is pretty smart, and LOVES TO TAKE PICTURES.
At the park, we enjoyed BIG SLIDES,
and even LITTLE slides,
flying "in the sky" on the swings,
and making silly french fry faces.
We had a blast. I am thankful I am able to share in special little moments like this all the time.
On Wednesday night, we ALL ate at OUTBACK.
 It is one of my most favorite.
My mom made these DELISH minnie mouse cupcakes. LOVE.
I was so grateful everyone got to come.
This is my brother Bill, my sister Jessica, me, and my brother Daniel.
Miss Ryleigh insisted she feed me my salad.
And I quote, "Sissy, I feed you."
Here are some pictures from the end of the night...
My dad and Michele
My mom and Kimbo
My brother Daniel and me
Jessica carrying Baby #2, Ryleigh, me, and Jeromy
and Bill (I am sorry his eyes are closed, they were closed in both pictures, and I really wanted a picture of everyone up here) Will, me and Melissa!!

Thank you again for all of the birthday wishes, and for my sweet family who came to dinner just to celebrate my birthday. You are all the best.
Love you much, and


  1. Hey there! What a great blog! I would love to feature you on my blog! Email me when you can!

  2. Wht a great day and evening! I'm happy you had so much fun!!

  3. Adorable pictures! So glad that you had a great birthday!! I love your earrings.

    I'm vising from Suze's blog!

  4. I've probably said this before, but I LOVE MINNIE MOUSE. I have a minnie collection, which I've probably said before as well. LOVE.

  5. Looks like such a fun birthday girl!

  6. Well, happy birthday...3 weeks later. :)

    LOVE those earrings! I'm turquoise crazed. I actually have a vlog planned about it...possibly. Maybe. If I get up the nerve!

    Your darling "photographer" niece has some skills! She's a cutie. I have 4 little nieces and nephews on my side alone...oh yeah...and three of my own little ones.

  7. thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! sorry i am so late but i still wanted to thank everyone!!


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