Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a friendly birthday wish list post...

today I went to urban outfitters to do a little browsing. sadly, nothing was purchased. but I sure did go all googly-eyed over the following. AND let me just tell you about my love of kitchen utensils. it isn't a problem yet, but I can see it posing a REAL problem in the near future.

I LOVE love this comforter...the ruffles are too cute.
any extra place to put my pictures is a MUST HAVE!

this precious little whale is a set of measuring cups... oh I know!
and the ice cream measuring spoons...I'll take these as well!
I am not singer but love the microphone tongs!
And last but not least, these bowls are my FAVORITE.
I'll take one of each.
this is all just innocent wishful thinking.
but I do have a birthday coming up.
no but really, I hope one day I can get all of this snazzy stuff.
it is too cute.
I passed my first test with a B.
FOUR to go.

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