Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nursing Nonsense :: Week Five

Yesterday, I started week number
But first, I will give you a quick recap of week FOUR.

I had one root canal round 2. NOT NEARLY AS BAD,
felt more like a bruise.
Just like the doctor said it would.

I made brownies, multiple of nights.
YUMMY. then added a little ice cream of course.
I applied for graduation, and was given order forms
to purchase our nursing pins.
(We have a pinning ceremony, along with graduation)
I think I want to be pinned with
miss Minnie.
Miss Minnie (who hangs with the Bullet all day,
in other words, on my car) was frozen most of the week.
It was MIGHTY chilly around these parts.
I managed to throw my notecards, on accident of course,
while climbing the stairs to my room.
AND I diligently studied for my FIRST test.
Grades still are not posted yet.
So we are still waiting on that.
AND TODAY, day 2 of week 5, I had clinicals on a regular
Medical-Surgical Unit. Don't you just love the green?
I promise, they are way better than the
white we once had to wear.
tomorrow, I DO NOT HAVE CLASS.
the joy in that is AMAZING.
I think I might sleep in.
Sorry for the lost length of time in between these last posts.
I have barely had time to wrap my head around
everything that is going on.
But I am thankful.

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