Friday, February 11, 2011

well, maybe one more.

I had a moment of weakness today, so I sulked, I questioned, I regretted, but only for a minute. I quickly remembered what my blogger friends told me. I quickly remembered that the decision I made was for me, and I made it. I thought about it for weeks, and for months. It was very rational. It was very much for the best. Okay pity me party was over. Then I was thinking even more, because that's what I do. That is what I am taught in nursing school. The questions are always asking multiple of things. We must solve the first half before we can move to the next. And if we happen to get the first part wrong, we more than likely are heading in the wrong direction. Actually we will probably get the question wrong, because we weren't thinking properly, we took a wrong turn. It's okay. All of us nursing students do it. It doesn't make us bad almost nurses, just makes us better. Because we will do our best to never EVER make that wrong turn again, or answer that question wrong again. At least we hope not. However you must look at it, we are constant thinkers, and that my friends brings me to my present state of mind. See after my small pity party, I quickly remembered everything good that was soon to take place in my life. Those pros far weighed out any other thing I thought was important. In less than 2 months I will have a new nephew. I will watch the most beautiful 2 year old become the best big sister there is, and I will watch my sister and brother in law become a family of 4. I will see them become parents to 2 children, and watch their lives forever be changed once again. I will watch my aunt complete this battle with cancer, and overcome these obstacles. I will watch another great close childhood friend have her very first little boy. I will watch two of the sweetest people become the greatest parents, and watch as their lives become even more special. I will watch my niece turn THREE and my nephew turn TWO. I will celebrate the major milestones and I will be the proudest aunt EVER. I will be beyond thankful God chose me for all these things. I will be one step closer to graduation as each day passes, because the sun will set and rise each and everyday whether we are ready or not. Then, if I make it to graduation (because I am not going to jinx myself just yet), I will have so much more to look forward to. A new chapter will open, one that does not put school first, and one that involves one big world with millions of opportunities. There are endless possibilities. So I will allow myself one pity party for now, but I will pull up my big girl panties and take one step forward. My God has this under control

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  1. Yes he does! And the more you put those positive affirmations out there like that the more positivity you'll receive.... you're doing great... hang in there!

    Life is always a series of choices. I've always believed that if I didn't make the right one then God would show me another one that's better for me. It all works out the way it's supposed to in the end no matter what paths you choose along the way.


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