Monday, November 21, 2011

Tallulah and the vet

My sweet little Lu and I took a trip to her least favorite place today...the dreaded vet. But let's be real, no one really likes the doctor so I can't blame her. I noticed last week her skin was rather pink and by Friday her itching and scratching was out of control. Just check out her little eyes. Last night I found a few scabs from all of the scratching, and we were off to the vet this morning.

Since she had the scabs the vet said it was definitely a bacterial infection and would need antibiotics. All the itching was from allergies so we also have a round of MILD steroids just for that. I don't like steroids (they are pretty bad for the body) but anything to help out my little fluff. The doctor even conned me into a whole 6 mo supply of a flea/heart guard combo that cost a FORTUNE.
So 3 different types of pills later I knew the only way I was going to remember was to set multiple alarms and make nice little calendar.
My little fluff is well on her way to a speedy recovery.


  1. Hope the medicine helps and she gets better soon! Vets are so expensive!!!

  2. Awww, poor baby.... I'm glad it's all helping her though.....

  3. poor baby! I hope she feels better. My baby has itchy skin too and I have changed her food to one that is better for skin allergies and it seems to help.



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