Monday, November 28, 2011

Roll Tide from The Barn. >> PHOTO HEAVY

If you live anywhere near Alabama then you should know that "The Barn" is in reference to Auburn, Alabama. Auburn fans refer to Alabama fans as "Bammers," and in turn, they are considered "Barners." Some might dispute that this is not the biggest rival in college football, but down here it is the biggest and the best. Alabama football is a way of life for some (not this girl) and Iron Bowl Weekend (The Alabama vs Auburn game) is the cherry on top. Alabama won 42-14. ROLL TIDE.

This year was my first time to experience the Iron Bowl in Auburn. I went with my brother Daniel, his girlfriend Meghan, and our good friends Brett and Sarah. It was well worth the trip.


  1. I LOOOOOVE going to college football games! It is so much fun. In Missouri the big rivalry was Mizzou vs. Kansas, but since Mizzou is moving to the SEC Kansas is being a bunch of babies and refusing to play Mizzou out of conference. Oh well. Then there is OU vs. TX... that one is a HUGE draw... my husband's dad is a HUGE OU fan. College football is so much fun. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. you look soo cute! I love all these pictures. You don't post pictures nearly enough.. I love seeing them and I don't think any post is too photo heavy! :) Even though bama... ehhhh. But my Gators are god awful this year so I can't really say anything- haha!


  3. you're too pretty! ;)
    between this game and your holiday time.. looks like you had a great november!!



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