Monday, November 7, 2011

Heart Therapy: Inspiration

Today the prompt is to talk about what is INSPIRING us, in as little or as much detail as you want!

I'm inspired daily through work. Although it can be draining and overwhelming I truly love what I do. It inspires me to be a better nurse, friend, and a better person through and through. It's amazing the people God has put in my life, especially at work. So many of the patients tug at my heart strings. Sometimes it's hard to separate all of the emotions. I walk into work everyday thankful for another day, while some patients just want to walk. Not to mention, walk straight out of the hospital. It's a humbling experience to be on the giving side when in an instant I know the tables could so easily be turned. It's an inspiration to be able to make a difference in someone's life. It means the world to me.

My aunt is an inspiration, and all of those fighting an impossible battle. My aunt fought the battle with cancer, never looked back, held her head high, and only praised God for giving her the opportunity to win a battle that is too often lost. She is a daily inspiration to so many and I strive to be as strong as she is. I read, hear, and see stories daily of those fighting certain battles. It's inspiring to see the strength, courage, and perseverance.

I'm inspired by my niece and nephews. Their innocence, pureness, and love for all things simple bring a whole new meaning to taking a step back and really stopping to smell the roses. These three little buddies absolutely bring the brightest light to my world and I would move mountains to give them all that I can. I hope one day they truly know just how much they mean to me. Ryleigh promised me she will always be my best friend. I am holding her to that.

So many things are an inspiration. It changes all the time. I'm just thankful for each and every learning experience. Have you linked up. Go now!


  1. wow i love all these quotes! Thanks for the inspiration this morning :)

  2. Love it Lindsey! May I feature this on my blog on Saturday??

  3. Such inspiring quotes...I love your blog!


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