Sunday, January 2, 2011


The first blog of 2011.

What 2010 brought to me...

I welcomed 2010 with a wonderful group of friends. I was not being the person I wanted to be, and I compromised myself in the process. Nonetheless, I began 2nd semester with a very positive outlook.

 2010 gave to me a new relationship, an ended relationship, a new start at an old relationship, a severed friendship, a new friendship, and one brand new nephew that will be here by April. It brought the laughs and tears as well. It brought me one patched tire, then one brand new tire. It brought me two fun new battle wounds, and gave to me courage, strength, patience, and too many lbs. It gave me the ability to be way more thankful, and the ability to see the light at the end of each and every tunnel. It even brought to me one less bill. It brought some of us closer, and pushed a wedge between others. 2010 graciously gave us a mighty big demon, but not too big to fight. It gave to me, or partially me, a brand new puppy, who isn't so little anymore, and so VERY much more. Most importantly it allowed me to enjoy my family each and everyday. 

I'll always be thankful for 2010, but I'm pretty stoked about 2011. Bring it on. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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  1. Cutting the crap. Wish you a very happy new year! :)


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