Tuesday, January 25, 2011

nursing nonsense:: week three

Sunday started my third week into school and I had my 3rd precepting day. I'll have to do 11 to have enough hours in. I really REALLY love the pediatrics unit. It's not too fast and not too slow, and hanging with littles all day is where I belong. I really need to get on top of my readings though. I have started reading, but NEED to do a lot more. Also, I need to get going on my portfolio and start freaking out preparing for my interview stream. Where we students get to sit in front of a computer that asks us typical interview questions all while we are being taped! It sounds fun, I know. Today, I had my first clinical in TSICU (trauma surgical intensive care unit). I went in super intimidated but left more confident than I have about any clinical day. Not to say that next week could not be nearly as interesting, but since I am taking it day by day, today at clinicals was pretty dandy. So there I am folks. 3 weeks in, still with most of my sanity. Sidenote: please pardon the lack of blogging. As much as I love to blog, school is first and takes up a lot of time, so I blog when I can or feel the need to. HAPPY TUESDAY.


  1. Sounds like everything is going well.... that's good to hear!

  2. Aww, yay! Tiny humans, they are my favorite <3


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